Self Esteem Builders 

Pp PP​Promoting self esteem one individual at a time.our.


Mindfullness workshop  - cofacilitated with Genia Silva CPC,CLC,CTC of RainDance

​Reduce your anxiety, lower your stress and learn to stay in the moment. This workshop will include mindfulness techniques, as well as easy tricks you can do in the workplace, classroom and home environment to help reconnect you to yourself, to the present moment and to cope with those stressful moments in life.

Celebrating Difference 

Given we live in a multicultural world, it only makes sense to educate ourselves on individual differences. This presentation explores individual beauty, while highlighting the positive aspects through discussion, props, examples and activities. 

Anti -Bullying 

In a world where bullying has become prevalent, our best defense is education. This presentation explores bullying and it's impact. It addresses' prevention, education and resources. 


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade . This program is designed to teach healthy coping skills and strategies in advocating for ones needs. 

Boost your self confidence 

Explores self esteem while promoting healthy ways to enhance ones concept of self. 

Playing It Safe 

This program is designed to teach safety awareness and provide educational tools in addressing safety concerns. Topics include but are not limited to healthy boundaries, self defense and internet safety, along with a list of resources. 

Authentic Self 

Explores self esteem on a deeper level. Key components are discussed in maintaining a positive and healthy identity. 

The Art of Self Care 

Living in a fast pace world we often minimize the importance of self. What we don't realize is how vital self-care is to well-being. This program explores self-care, its importance and many benefits. 

The Art of Failure 

A topic that most people avoid and is not widely discussed. Often associated with uncomfortable feelings. Truth is, failure is one of our best teachers. It's a healthy part of ones's growth process. This program takes a look at failure and how we can turn it into one of our most powerful assets.  

Growing Pains 

Survival guide for parents of adolescence. This program is for anyone raising a child ages 10-18. Let's face it, raising kids can be tough. Add in hormones, peer pressure, and everything in between, things can become quiet challenging. This program is designed to empower parent/caregivers. It incorporates tools, resources, and support needed to establish healthy self-esteem, relationships, and boundaries in parenting our teens. 

Tween Program 

Tween Years are a time of challenge and transition. This programs is designed to empower future teens, while making the journey less bumpy. It is an alternative fun time to bond with kids similar in age, while offering invaluable tools in addressing everyday life issues. (You provide the group, we provide a fun filled program, with popcorn and punch.) Choose a topic from the above list or ask about customized programming to meet the needs of your group. (This program two hours in length)

Preschool Program

Written and presented to meet the needs of children ages 3-7. Material is presented through theme related, age appropriate activities. Including but not limited to games, story books, and songs. (This program is only a half hour in length.)

*All programs above are one hour in length customized for any age group, unless noted otherwise 

Pranic Healing - A non-touch art of healing that utilizes energy to heal the physical body. The process involves removing blockage and stagnant energy before giving fresh energy to patients.